About us

I’am Hannie the owner and founder of Holland coffee and tea.

First I will thank you for visiting my webshop!

I got the idea for opening a webshop at my work. At the counter of the postoffice were I was working. I saw lots of people sending Dutch articles to there relatives and families overseas. The main things they send are coffee ,tea, cookies and chocolate. Some of them asked me, why don’t you start a webshop so I don’t haveto sent this stuff anymore. And now I did ! In my hometown live lots of Japanese people, who work a few years in the Netherlands and then go back to Japan. I also want to give them the opportunity to keep enjoying the Dutch coffee and tea. And I hope my customers will share my site with everyone who is interested.

Holland coffee and tea is a one woman run business, operated from my own home. Let me know when you are missing any products at my shop, then I will try to

add them. In time I will increase the number of products and add new product groups. And when you are looking for a special product, please let me know,

and I will try to find it for you.

Thanks for shopping at Holland coffee and tea.

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